Lomania’s offer is mainly dedicated to customers from processing industry and gastronomy. 

Lomania has been buying and processing mushrooms since 1990. In our offer you find fresh mushrooms and also after heat treatment: blanched, pasteurized and sterilized mushrooms, which are great semi-finished product for catering and ready to eat. All of our products are of the highest quality.

Among of the finished product deserve special attention:

  • Stuffing – mushrooms with onions and spices.
  • “A la grecque” - in tomato sauce with herbs and spices
  • “Trifolati”, “Pistou”, “Provencal” - prepared in French and Italian style - mushrooms with olive oil, herbs and spices.

Below you can find detailed information about blanched, pasteurized and sterilized mushrooms available in Lomania’s offer.


grafika 5 grafika 6 grafika 7 grafika 8 grafika 9 grafika 10
16-20 mm 20-25 mm 25-30 mm 30-35 mm 35-45 mm > 45 mm
grafika 11 grafika 12 grafika 13 grafika 14 grafika 15 grafika 16
20-25mm 25-35mm 35-45mm Hotel 1x sliced Hotel 2x sliced Hotel 3x krojony
Other types
Cubes Halves Quarters Caps
grafika 17 grafika 18 grafika 19 grafika 20



grafika 21Stuffing
grafika 22"A la grecque"
grafika 23Pistou, Trifolati, Provencal